Margaret, always having a love of animals and doing things the right way began this adventure with her whole heart. While researching dog breeds for her daughter, Diana, came upon the Australian Labradoodle which fit all of the criteria and then some. During a visit with Charl of Shadow Mountain Labradoodles, her dogs filled us with awe at how perfect they were. Charl’s attention, knowledge and dedication to breeding the best is amazing.


Diana who lost Roxie, her regular labradoodle at the age of 12, began the search for a companion dog. Diana required a specific dog that would be calm, attentive, understanding and intelligent. Then came Bella and it was mutual love at first sight. Bella is everything we could have wished for, her abilities and sensitivity to people that need her is amazing and that started at an early age. Bella’s loyalty is to Diana and she will continue her training and ultimately becoming Diana’s Service Dog.


After meeting the dogs at Shadow Mountain Labradoodles, with the focus on getting a dog for Diana we decided that we wanted another. Along came Allie, so that we have two dogs to start our breeding program. Allie is very loyal and is the first to try anything that is asked of her. Intelligent, athletic, sensitive and wanting to please are her attributes and a great addition to our ranch life.


Jeanine, our friend and Dog Trainer, has worked with our two Australian Labradoodles and is amazed at the intelligence this breed has. A professional dog trainer for 20 years, she is dedicated to working early with puppies to provide a lasting result in the adult dogs.


And of course, our extended Penny Lane Stable family, consisting of current and past boarders, neighbors and friends that are excited to assist in socializing all of the puppies to come.