A True Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle puppy breed selectively for temperament and health: Loved, handled, socialized, stimulated and nurtured in a family environment, to prepare the puppy for a loving home and the wonderful world. A puppy that is socialized with littermates and adults until 8 weeks of age when puppies can travel home. Extended Stay is available (ask for more details). A puppy who is socialized with people of all ages. A puppy who has been temperament tested to ensure the best placement with the Forever Family. We provide the following: Intro to Crate Training Intro to Lure and clicker Training Microchip Current Vaccinations and Deworming Penny Lane Australian Labradoodles provide an endearing, loving companion and lifetime customer service. Adoption Fee and Application The adoption fee of a companion puppy is $2950, plus applicable sales tax and delivery fees The deposit amount is $500. Deposits are accepted only AFTER your application as been approved and a specific litter has been identified.) Please complete our Online Puppy Adoption Application by clicking here. Timeline and Process Complete Online Adoption Application. Place a deposit, after application is approved You will be contacted and begin receiving pictures and updates via email, when the puppies are born. If there is not a puppy available, you will be moved to next list. Full payment, in the form of a Cashier's Check, is due at the 7 week visit. 7-8 weeks families visit and puppies are matched with their families. Payment is due in full when the family/puppy match is made. Penny Lane provides lifetime customer service for your puppy: We provide a two year health guarantee Availability for questions throughout the years ALL OF OUR PUPPIES ARE SWEET, AFFECTIONATE, PLAYFUL AND EAGER TO PLEASE!